University Medical Centres: Patients benefit from advances in science

University Hospital Regensburg: View in the foyer
University Hospital Regensburg: View in the foyer

The Bavarian Medical Centres promote scientific research and teaching in medicine. They are highly specialised institutions, combining the wide spectrum of medical science in research, teaching and healthcare. In this way, patients benefit directly from the leading position of Bavarian university medical centres.  

Because they are institutions established under public law, our university medical centres are legally and economically autonomous, facilitating a highly flexible management style. The medical centres employ high-performance medicine: Bavarian medical scientists have been the driving force behind the initiation and further development of diagnostics and treatment of tumors, transplant medicine and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  

Today, all of the five Bavarian medical schools and their medical centres are among the leading institutions in the whole of Germany and enjoy worldwide recognition. To secure this position, it is indispensable to keep pace with rapid technical and medical innovations and to promote modernisation of university medicine. 

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