Bavarian State Theatres

Theatre, opera and ballet on an international level: the four Bavarian State Theatres

"In Agonie" by Miroslav Krleža - a production of the Bavarian State Theatre

Bayerische Staatsoper und Bayerisches Staatsballett – Bavarian State Opera and the Bavarian State Ballet

Today, the Bavarian State Opera is considered to be the Free State's national and international cultural flagship. During the past few years, the Bavarian State Opera has succeeded in consolidating and strengthening its position among the world's leading musical theatres. The Bavarian State Opera also houses the Bavarian State Ballet, which has also been among the top ballet companies.

With the National Theatre, which – after being destroyed in World War Two – was re-opened to the public in 1963 in its original neo-classical splendour, the Bavarian State Opera has got one of the greatest and most impressive theatre buildings in Europe. There are additional stages for performances by the Bavarian State Opera located in the Munich Prinzregententheater (Prince Regent's Theatre) and the Cuvillies Theatre.

Contact information

Bayerische Staatsoper
Max-Joseph-Platz 2
80539 Munich
Tel. +49(0)89 2185-01

Bayerisches Staatsballett
Platzl 7
80331 München
Tel. +49(0)89 2185-1711


Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel – Bavarian State Theatre

The Bavarian State Theatre is rich in tradition and one of Germany’s most significant and distinguished theatres. With its three stages at the Residenz, the Marstall and the Cuvillies Theatres, the Bavarian State Theatre ranks among the country’s biggest top theatres. The ensemble of more than 50 excellent and award-winning actors and actresses fascinate the audience with their enthusiasm and brilliant performances.

Season after season, the theatre’s wide-ranging repertoire attracts an audience of up to 230,000 theatregoers.

Contact information

Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel
Max-Joseph-Platz 1
80539 Munich
Tel.: +49(0)89 2185-01
Internet: (website in German)

Staatstheater am Gaertnerplatz - The State Theatre on Gaertnerplatz

Originally founded as a popular theatre in 1865, the State Theater on Gaertnerplatz, too, has been bearing the name "State Theatre" since 1955.

Clearly different to the repertoire of the Bavarian State Opera, the State Theatre at Gaertnerplatz is a sophisticated and unique entertainment stage in the best sense.
It performs a broader repertoire than any other stage in Munich and thus completes the theatre programme in the city.  

Its focus is on opera, operetta, musical and dance performances. It is also home to Munich's second dancing theatre group, which focuses on contemporary and modern dance.

The main building at the Gaertnerplatz is being refurbished. This work will probably be finished by the end of 2016. Till then, the State Theatre performs on a number of stages in Munich, especially the Prinzregententheater (Prince Regent's Theatre).

Contact information

Staatstheater am Gaertnerplatz
Gaertnerplatz 3
80469 Munich
Tel.: +49(0) 89 20241-1

Staatstheater Nuernberg

Since 2005, there has also been a state theatre in Nuremberg. The former Staedtische Buehnen (City Stages) were transferred into a foundation, which has been jointly supported by the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Nuremberg.

The Nuremberg State Theatre is among the great German theatres offering performances in three genres and employing more than 500 people. The Nuremberg Opera House was erected in 1905 and is among Germany's finest theatre buildings. With the opera, the "Schauspielhaus", the "Kammerspiele" and the so-called "Blue Box", the theatre can perform at four locations.

Contact information

Staatstheater Nuernberg
Richard-Wagner-Platz 2-10
90443 Nuernberg
Tel.: +49(0)911 231-3575