Municipal Theatres

"Zwischen.Welten!": a production of the Theatre Regensburg

Municipal Theatres With Permanent Ensembles

The Bavarian municipalities fund and administer 20 theatres. 16 of these are run by the cities themselves, three by municipal administration unions and one by the county. The theatres of Augsburg, Regensburg, Wuerzburg and Coburg cover the entire spectrum of theatre performances. The municipal theatres of Bamberg, Erlangen, Fuerth, Ingolstadt as well as the Munich-based "Kammerspiele" and the "Volkstheater" have specialised in spoken drama.  

With their performances, the four state theatres contribute to the cultural diversity in their respective regions.

The Free State of Bavaria supports the work of all its municipal theatres with the provision of generous financial grants.

Municipal Theatres Without Permanent Ensembles

The city theatres without permanent ensembles play an important role in the Bavarian theatre landscape. It is because of their carefully selected programs and guest performances, that they can offer their audiences a wide variety of performing arts.

Thanks to national and international ensembles of different genres, it is also possible to experience the world of theatre in Bavarian towns and communities without their own permanent theatre companies.