Heritage Conservation Medals
Heritage Conservation Medals

Denkmalschutzmedaille – Heritage Conservation Medal

The Bavarian State Minister of Education, Science and the Arts awards the Heritage Conservation Medal to individuals and associations, who have made outstanding efforts to restore heritage buildings or to research or conserve ground monuments. The medal is awarded in one category only and is granted annually. 

Brochure about the 2013 Heritage Conservation Medal Awards (2012201120102009) - in German

The medal is made out of silver. The front bears a picture of King Louis I of Bavaria, who established the Bavarian heritage conservation efforts. The inscription on the back reads "Für besondere Verdienste um den Denkmalschutz": for outstanding efforts to heritage conservation. The medal itself is not meant to be a decoration or a badge of honour and is thus not meant to be worn in public. It is awarded along with a certificate.

Denkmalpreis der Hypo-Kulturstiftung – Hypo-Cultural-Foundation Heritage Conservation Award

The Denkmalpreis der Hypo-Kulturstiftung (Hypo-Cultural-Foundation Heritage Conservation Award, website in German), which is endowed with a total of  50,000 Euros, has been granted annually since 1986. This award is presented to owners of heritage buildings in Bavaria, who have set an example in preserving those buildings. By this, the Hypo-Kulturstiftung intends to stimulate home owners to become active participants in the practical preservation of heritage buildings, which is vital to conservation itself.

Bayerischer Denkmalpflegepreis der Bayerischen Ingenieurekammer-Bau – Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers Heritage Building Conservation Award

The Bayerische Denkmalpflegepreis der Bayerischen Ingenieurekammer-Bau (Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers Heritage Building Conservation Award, website in German) is granted in two categories, namely public and privately-owned buildings. In the latter category, the endowment totals 10,000 Euros. It was first presented in 2008 and since has been granted every two years.

Furthermore, there are additional heritage-building-conservation awards at regional and local levels.

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