COVID-19 Basic information on the school year 2020/2021

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Information on emergency childcare starting 11 January 2021

The Bavarian State Government has decided that there will be no regular in-class teaching from Monday, 11 January to Friday, 29 January 2021. During this period, all lessons will be held remotely in all types of schools and in all grades. The aim of this measure is to lower the number of new Covid19 infections.

From 11 to 29 January 2021 (if the number of infections allows), schools will offer emergency childcare:

- for pupils in grades 1 to 6;

- for pupils with disabilities or special needs who require care, and;

- for all pupils of Förderzentren (learning support centres) and special needs schools that also provide pupil accommodation, including Schulvorbereitende Einrichtungen - SVE (School Preparatory Facilities). Emergency childcare is also available for children attending a Schule für Kranke (teaching facilities for children in hospital).

Your child can attend emergency childcare if:

- you are unable to or your employer will not permit you to take time off work and you therefore urgently require childcare, or;

- you are a single parent, self-employed or a freelancer and therefore urgently require childcare, or;

- you are entitled to assistance in the upbringing of your child according to Section 27 (and following) under Book VIII of the Social Code (SGB VIII), or Child Protective Services has instructed you to send your child to emergency childcare.

Please submit a short, informal explanatory statement regarding your need for childcare to your child’s school. Pupils at special schools (including children in SVEs) as well as pupils of all types of schools who have disabilities or special needs that require care, as well as pupils attending teaching facilities in hospitals, can make use of emergency childcare once registered.

In order to attend, your child must not have symptoms of an acute, contagious disease, or be in contact with an infected person or be subject to quarantine measures.

Please bear in mind: if many children attend emergency childcare, your child will come into contact with more people and more households. Therefore, consider the offer only if care cannot be otherwise provided.

You can obtain further information directly from your child’s school.

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